Friday, 1 January 2010

Year of the Homer

My name is Homer Simpson. OK that’s a small lie, but it is my nickname and like the cartoon hero my golf can be like sipping a cold Duff beer one minute and a real DOH! moment the next. This isn’t one of those blogs documenting a golfers desire to reach the nirvana of a scratch handicap or to play a level par round for the first time. If I’m brutally honest, there isn’t the natural talent and I don’t have the time required to dedicate myself to such a pursuit.

However before you reach for the mouse to wander off elsewhere in cyberspace, this is a journey. It’s a tale of a golf addict (there I’ve said it) who truly believes that he has the potential to become a single figure golfer and who lives and sleeps for the next game, practice session or lesson. So what’s my aim? Well there is going to be a new, meaner ruthless Homer out on the course this year. I’m fed up of clapping politely as someone else walks off with the trophy. I want to win as much silverware as I can this year. Too often I’ve started well only to limp home like a three legged dog. I’m also capable of throwing an event away in the opening holes and then realise too late that I can play the stupid game and come home under a full canvass. As you will discover, I’m the type of golfer that can make a double bogey when a birdie seems easier. When I’m good I’m okay but when I’m bad it can be xxx rated. Its January 1st 2010 and my handicap is 11.3. How low can I go? Don’t be put off by the new mean persona. Golf is and always should be fun and an excuse to enjoy pleasant scenery in good company.

What I hope this blog will be is a fun place for you to spend a little time on a regular basis. Follow my progress and hopefully you’ll be kind enough to pass on your thoughts and comments as we go. I’ll let you know if I have an epiphany with my swing and recount the glory and tragedy of my golfing exploits. I’ll also introduce you to some of the characters at my club (every club has them) and share some of lighter side of this great game we both love and hate in equal measures.

Come with me then as I take the first faltering steps on my journey. 2010 is the year of the Homer

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