Friday, 5 April 2019

The Curtain Falls

Welcome to another offering from this humble blog. As I write this there is a degree of sadness attached to it but also a feeling of positivity for the future? Confused? Don't panic all is about to be revealed so leave that mouse alone and don't wander elsewhere into cyberspace until you've read this.

The Three Off The Tee blog started way back on 1st January 2010. I was genuinely shocked too when I looked at that and like you faithful reader wondered how one man can get away with writing so much rubbish about hitting a small white ball around a big field. This is where it all began (The Year Of The Homer) and it was suppose to document my journey of golf improvement towards a single figure handicap nirvana.

As the years wandered by that dream came tantalisingly close with a golden spell that saw the handicap tumble down to 9. something and single figures was within my grasp. Instead of soaring with eagles I floundered with turkeys and since then it has been in a yo-yo effect, going as high as 15 when single figure dreams became a running joke and back down to the realms of 11 or 12 where you could see the light at the end of the world.

That was all it was suppose to be. A blog providing the reader with a (hopefully) light hearted update on the ups and downs of my progress. Then it broadened as different thing and more and more opportunities presented themselves. I got involved in doing some work for Golf Monthly, editing a page that appeared each month in their magazine. I played in their centenary competition and qualified through the regional events to the grand final at the Forest of Arden and came second overall, losing on countback.

I was able to play more and more courses, writing more editorial style pieces, started doing product reviews and then the world of Youtube arrived and I started a sister Youtube channel also called Three Off The Tee (which you can check out and subscribe to here - The Three Off The Tee Youtube Channel) which again opened up more and more opportunities. Granted there were still the "Quest For Single Figures" updates but it has felt for a long time now as though the blog has been lacking direction and has felt tired and jaded. If I have felt that I dread to think how it's come over to you the long suffering reader.

As a result and with a sense of regret, this will be my last offering on here. Google have made some changes behind the scenes which have affected some of creativity and features of the blog which is a huge pain and I just feel it's time for a fresh start.

Thank you for your kind support and loyalty on here over the years. I hope to see you over on the new shiny blog
View From The 19th very soon
Consequently I have already got a new, far more vibrant blog up and running and I'd love you to click this link and come over. Grab yourself a sausage roll and a drink and enjoy "The View From The 19th" - The View From The 19th - A shiny new blog!!

As you'll see it's written by a golfer for golfers. I really want to make it far more interactive and really want you the reader to get involved with comments on the blog and via my social media (details on the new blog). I want to involve more of you in my Youtube channel and hopefully in some product reviews and more. I want to come to some of your courses (probably UK based for now) and film the "Three Hole Challenge" where we'll play a par 3, par 4 and par 5 for £5 and get it all on camera. If you'd be interested (and I'm sure some of my golfing pals at Royal Ascot and places like Caversham Heath would relish taking cash from me) then get in touch. If there is anything you'd like to see featured let me know

As it is a more general golfing blog, although "The Quest For Single Figures" remains a driving force in all of my golfing exploits I'll be doing more feature pieces based on the experiences of a club golfer and talking about stuff from the wider world of golf. Again if you agree or disagree with what I put down, let me know. Lets get this going as a place to chat about golf. There are some great product reviews coming soon (once it stops raining every time I set a video camera up) and we'll be kicking off with the Visio putting mat and gates (Visio putting mat and Visio putting gates)

Let me close by thanking each and every one of you that has read any of my ramblings over the years and I hope you'll take the opportunity to come over to the new version, click on some of the links and read the posts I've already put up. I look forward to seeing you there soon. Thanks once again and goodbye from here.