Saturday, 5 August 2017

Competition Time - Update

If you watched my first "Martin's Mouthpiece on my youtube channel (Martin's Mouthpiece Video) you'll know I ran a competition. I played the world famous Sunningdale and New Zealand Golf Clubs last week and I originally asked you to subscribe to the channel, thumbs up the video and predict my stableford points score for the two rounds on the Old and New courses at Sunningdale and the AM round at the New Zealand Golf Club. As a tie breaker I also asked you to predict the number of putts you thought I'd take for the three rounds.

However with the heather being six inches deep in places, I managed to hurt my arm trying to get my ball out of it and the damage was sufficient to prevent me swinging properly or completing all of the holes.

The good news is, this means I am extending the competition and will now include the Captains Day at Royal Ascot Golf Club as the final qualifying round on 19th August. So what will you win? I'm offering two dozen golf balls of your choice, and it doesn't matter where in the world you're located. If you win I'll DHL the balls to wherever you are based. This means two dozen premium balls of your choice, so the new Pro V, the new Taylormade TP's Srixon Z Stars or any of the other top brands. Don't worry if you don't use a premium ball. I'm happy to offer two dozen balls of your choice.

Check out my new Competition Update video (Competition Video ) go over to my youtube channel (Three Off the Tee Youtube Channel) and subscribe. Go to the new Competition Update video, give it a thumbs up and in the comments box put down what you think the points total for the Old and New courses at Sunningdale was and what my score on Captains Day will be. Put down the total points total and how many putts I'll take. It's as simple as that. Don't worry if you entered on the original video. As long as you subscribed I'll be adding your original entry. If you want to enter again, feel free to do so.

It is the subscribing that's important. I won't announce the winner until I reach 100+ subscribers so get over and make sure you click on that subscribe button. Once I hit that 100 mark, Youtube opens up the opportunity to bring bigger and better content so it helps me bring you better videos.

Good luck and thanks for your support for my channel

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