Thursday, 31 August 2017

A Vast Improvement - Second Attempt At The 40 Yard Pitching Challenge

Welcome back. As a regular follower I know you'll be aware I'm working hard on my short game (what do you mean you've never stumbled upon this madness before) and a while back I took part in a 40 yard pitching challenge. The aim is to get up and down from that distance over nine holes. I filmed it and you can watch the original attempt here (The First Challenge). As you'll see it wasn't great and I was inconsistent, dabbled in several methods and couldn't buy a putt.

Since then I've worked hard on my pitching and trying to keep the club more in front of my hands and not going too far inside which has been an old and established fault. By doing this the theory is that I have time to hit down, ball then turf, impact spin, and as long as I rotate and keep the arms and body turning, the bounce interacts and all is good.

On the course there is still a distinct lack of trust, especially on very short ten to fifteen yard pitches, especially over a hazard or off a tight lie. I've worked on it on the practice ground but you have to do it on the course. As a result I decided to revisit the 40 yard pitching challenge.

Check out the latest video here (The Second Attempt). You will notice if you watch it to the conclusion that there is a real improvement. If the putts had dropped (and I made better strokes on a couple of holes) then it would have been a score I could only dream of. The quality of the strike and the proximity to the hole is much better. Testament to the work I've done but much room for improvement still and it's time to now expand the challenge, not only to the fiddly 30 yard distance, but out to longer distances at 50 and 60 yards. I need to get better at my short game so that on the course I can make up and downs. These will mask a host of misdemeanours in respect to the rest of the game if other facets are of. If I can have a good driving day and make good pitch shots then I can score low.

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