Friday, 11 August 2017

Sunningdale and New Zealand Golf Clubs

I was lucky enough to play in a Golf Monthly Forum golf day (Golf Monthly Forum) and have a video coming out on my Youtube channel. In the meantime, as I get this ready and try and capture the quality and atmosphere of these two iconic courses, I've put together a tiny taster video for you to enjoy here (A Sneak Preview).

Go and have a watch. Heather in full bloom, golf on the Old and New courses at Sunningdale followed by New Zealand Golf Club the following day. The latter is unique and is not only a throwback to a bygone era but is a place use to doing things their own way, and not always following convention. Members don't have handicaps, the lockers have the current incumbent's name on them and the predecessors are merely crossed off when they leave or pass away.

While you on my channel don't forget to check out my competition video (Competition Video) for a chance to win two dozen golf balls of your choice. Simply subscribe to the channel, put your prediction for my scores and total putts in the comments box and don't forget to thumbs up the video.

The full Sunningdale and New Zealand video will dropping soon and there is a blog update on everything I've been up to coming this weekend (hopefully) which is a hefty tome to enjoy. In the meantime enjoy the preview of two great clubs.

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