Saturday, 8 July 2017

Short Game Practice - 40 Yard Pitching Challenge

I've posted a new video on my youtube channel (Three Off The Tee Youtube Channel) which is the start of some serious short game work in a bid to kick start the Quest For Single Figures in 2017. This is focusing on pitch shots from 40 yards. It's a real problem area for me. Not a full swing, all feel based and I find it hard to commit to the shot and find a swing speed an length of swing to work effectively on a regular basis

Please feel free to subscribe the channel. It's free to do and once I hit 100 subscribers there will be a great giveaway. While you're there thumbs up the video and please leave some comments under the video on what you think. Is it an area you struggle with? How do you play these shots?

You'll notice a change in technique part way through back to the linear method. I've done loads on this blog about this technique but let me give you a couple of links to click on and take you to these to refresh your memory

I plan to repeat the 40 yard challenge again and again until I hit a target. On the youtube video I said 2/9 holes but I'm wondering if 3/9 (or 33%) is not more aggressive and as a mid-handicapper off 14 would be a pretty tidy number and would smart a few score cards up. 

Once I hit my 40 yard target I'll move around, to 30 yard, an area I find even harder, and then back to the 50, 60 and 70 yard area. I'll also be doing a nine hole bunker challenge too. That should be interesting! Lots of hard work to do and I hope it starts to really make a mark on my game.

Enjoy the video. Hit the subscribe button, the thumbs up button and leave a comment. I'll be back on here soon with more content from the youtube channel, and more product reviews and updates on The Quest For Single Figures

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