Thursday, 2 February 2012

Postponed - What A Result

I was due to have the next lesson with my teaching professional Rhys ap Iolo at the Downshire Golf Complex near Wokingham this evening. I have to be honest and say I wasn't looking forward to it because the temperature at lunchtime was already hovering near freezing and I knew that by 6.15pm if would be below that. When the call came from Rhys to say the lesson was cancelled and re-scheduled to Saturday afternoon I did my best to hide the disappointment in my voice and reluctantly agreed.

It has been silly cold here in Berkshire. I'd already decided not to play in the monthly stableford at Royal Ascot on Saturday as I'm confident that even if they aren't on temporary greens, trying to fire shots into the frozen putting surfaces is going to make scoring a lottery. As it turns out I can look forward to a lesson instead with a lie in watching the golf from the desert.

It's too cold to practise - who wants to hit mini icebergs anyway?
I have to be honest and say I've not been to the range all week despite my best intentions. I just couldn't see the justification in hitting balls for the sake of it in such conditions. The balls aren't going to react properly and its easy to get injured or start making lazy swings and practising bad habits. Why is it you only hit the ball thin when it's freezing cold and spend the next ten minutes waiting for the shooting pains in your hands and arms to subside? It never happens when the ambient temperature is a pleasant 20 degrees celsius.

I'm hoping the rest will do me good and I can come back after the disappointing round last Saturday with renewed enthusiasm after my lesson. Hopefully the snow they are forecasting for the back end of the weekend won't come to much and the milder weather will return next week so I can get back out there and work on the what Rhys shows me.

Definitely a lucky escape tonight. No complaints from me.

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