Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Hit the range last night keen to wipe away the memory of the weekend practise sessions and the lack of cohesion in my swing. It was good to be able to swing without layer upon layer of clothing restricting movement in an attempt to stave off frostbite. I was determined not to let technical thoughts corrupt the process and wanted to really "feel" the club in the right place. I filmed a few swings to make sure what I thought I was doing matched what I'd been working on in the recent lessons and that I was definitely on the right line.

What transpired was interesting. The camera proved that what I was feeling didn't really correspond to what was going on but a lot of the time the connection and strike was actually more than acceptable and on occasions sublime. I've written about substance over style before and I sent a copy of the video to my teaching professional. He's looked at it and says there is some degree of improvement, not significant and as much as we'd like, but interestingly he responded and said let the ball dictate how you are hitting it.

It's back to the battle between hitting it well and hitting it properly. I want something that does both but clearly we're a long way off from that particular nirvana. Having not been anywhere near a course in a month or so it's hard to know exactly where my game is where it counts. On the plus side I've got another lesson on Thursday night so we can sit down and discuss my progress, or lack of, to date and see where we want to go from there. I'm off on Friday so hoping I can get a game in, even if it's just nine holes and try the swing changes on the course.

I wouldn't say we're at the crossroads yet but the junction is in the distance and coming close into view. How long do you give swing changes before admitting they aren't for you and aren't making a difference. Does changing to a two piece swing, with associated set up changes, mean going right back to the drawing board? Do I just need Rhys to simplify it into basics? Am I just being too impatient and haven't given it enough practise or time?

Is my swing changes about to hit a crossorad? What direction will it go in next?

We'll see what the next range session brings. Let the way I hit it dictate what is happening. We all know it doesn't have to be pure or textbook to work. Even some of the professionals have exotic actions but the difference is they bring the club back to the ball in the right place every time and that is what I'm lacking. If I can repeat something that works then I'm happy. That seems to be the holy grail.

At least we've warmer weather to enjoy, although there is yet another cold snap due for the end of the week. I've some time off work Friday and next Monday so a great chance to brush up on my game, perhaps even dance with my nemesis, the short game, and get a round or two in. Perhaps it'll click into place but at the moment I'm in what they call conscious competence. I have a level of ability but I'm thinking about the how all the time, both on the range and the course. I need to get up to the next level and let it all flow without any swing thought or conscious movement. Why must golf be so frustrating all of the time?

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