Sunday, 10 October 2010

Lost Plot

Another weekend and two conflicting performances. I haven't played for several weeks and have only had limited practicing so there was an air of apprehension around my game in the Saturday roll up. In warm but breezy conditions I hit a great opening 5 wood which boosted confidence levels but which came up well short. I'm not sure if that was the dampness, heavy air or the breeze but I was surprised. Still I made a 4 (nett par) and was happy enough.

In fact I started nice and consistently. I three putted the second but got that back with a chip and a 15 footer at the fourth to play the first four holes level with my handicap. However as quickly as my confidence had been boosted it was shot down again. A poor drive leaked right at the fifth and a hack forward left me with 180 yards to the green. I hit it way right and found it buried deep in the jungle. By the time I'd extricated myself and putted out it was a glorious snowman (8) and no points. A missed green at the next left me with only one point and I was still on the single point train at the 7th having pushed a drive right leaving no shot to the green. I did make a sand save at the next and an up and down for a 5 at the ninth to go out in 14 points. Not earth shattering but acceptable.

And then I lost the plot. I lost a ball at the 10th way right and suddenly couldn't hit a ball at all. I was showcasing all sorts of bad shots including hooks, slices and tops. The 15th epitomised the back nine. I hit a brilliant drive, downwind to only leave 205 yards into the par five. In normal circumstances that's a simple 5 wood. Not a chance as I carved it way right never to be seen again. A good shot followed by nonsense.

I didn't take the money in the roll up and to be honest I left myself pretty worried for the stableford. There was no consistency to the bad shots but add in a major issue with chipping (again) and the outlook was bleak.

Total number of lost balls in 2010 = 70

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