Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Back To Normality

Well the dust has finally settled on an epic Ryder Cup and as Monty said at his clinic at Silvermere he'd have taken the 14.5-13.5 at the start of the week. I missed the Monday action live on the TV as I was at work but was following it on Yahoo Sport and could see the final match becoming more and more pivotal as the afternoon progressed.

However, for my money the real heroes weren't the twelve guys in the team, the vice-captains or Monty himself. They were the greenkeepers and volunteers who worked so hard especially on Friday morning and again on Sunday to make the course playable in the first instance and such a great theatre to play out the drama.

My own golfing odyssey has been on a bit of a hiatus following illness, the terrible weather and the fact I was a lazy sod and wanted to stay at home and watch the golf on the telly. I did go to the range last Saturday and it wasn't good. Sadly it was another of those sessions where things start off so well and you think you have it sussed and by the end of the second bucket you are pulling your hair out in frustration. I'll venture down on Friday and see how it goes but I'm back out this weekend and will join the usual Saturday morning gang for a game. It's a monthly stableford on Sunday which after a run of medal events is a bit of a welcome change in format.

I'm hoping that the darker nights won't be an end to my practice and the dream of single figures is still alive albeit the flame is burning a little dimmer. I think another lesson may be the order of the day and tweak the problems I'm having at the moment. The plan going forward is to sit down with my teaching pro and see what he thinks needs working on. What I don't want to do is make a major change as I did last year (tempo) unless it is going to be for a sound reason. I'd rather focus on what I already have and chip away at refining that.

I'm off to start the Monty for PM lobby.

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