Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Time For More Viewing

Welcome back. It's still scorching hot here in the UK and the fairways across the country are brown and parched and even short hitters like me are enjoying the benefits of longer distances off the tee. In a similar vein to my last blog, there is still huge amounts going on and I'll be doing a full update very soon and I've also some very exciting things coming up, particularly next week.

With that to look forward to, I've decided to showcase the latest video content from the sister Three Off The Tee youtube channel. There has been plenty of content and while some featured in the last post, I've put them back here for those that missed them. If you've not been following my exploits on here for a while or have only just stumbled across these whimsical ramblings for the first time welcome.

Linear Method
This is a revolutionary way of playing all the short game shots. If you type "linear" into the search box it'll bring up all of my blogs regarding this. That said, I decided to re-visit this and produce a demonstration from a mid-handicapper's perspective, and from someone who has self taught himself the basics of the technique. Check it out here Linear Demonstration

Better Golf Thinking
It has been over a month since I met James Lambdon, a golf psychologist. We are beginning to work together to to see if he can help improve the way I think around the golf course, not only when I'm playing well but also when things aren't going so well. Check the preview video here Better Golf Thinking With James Lambdon (The Golf Psych)

So that was what has bone before. Now for the main event. I was invited by the online golf magazine Golfhacker (The Golfhacker Website) to join them at Chigwell Golf Club (course report coming) and form a dream team with another youtube contributor, William Murfitt. Check his channel here (William Murfitt Youtube). We were raising funds for small but wonderful charity, The Dream Factory which grant wishes to children with life changing or terminal illnesses.

The Dream Factory
During the evening, post golf, we were shown a video which detailed the history of the charity and the work it does. It's a powerful film and if you choose not to watch any other piece of content on here, I implore you to spend four minutes watching this. It's very moving and yet has a positive message. The Dream Factory - Granting Wishes

As I've said, the main part of the day was a charity golf day. The Golfhacker Dream Team of myself, Nick Kevern, the editor of Golfhacker magazine, William Murfitt and Mark Sapsford, who made up the team and came in at the eleventh hour. I filmed as we plotted our way around the course and I hope this video captures some of the good shots (and the bad) and reflects the fun we had. Sadly we never threatened the prize table but that wasn't what the day was about. Watch our golfing antics here Dream Factory Golf Day

In the evening, we were joined by two celebrities, both patrons of the charity. The first was the ex-football manager Harry Redknapp and the other is the star of stage and screen Vicki Michelle who many may remember from the BBC comedy series Allo Allo. The day was held the day after England played Croatia in the world cup and he did a fantastic Q&A session. Vicki Michelle then spoke about the work of the charity. It's a very entertaining video and something very different for my channel. I think you'll like this a lot 'Arry & Vicki - The Dream Factory Entertainment

As always, plenty going on. My next blog will be a full update of how my golf is going and in particular "The Quest For Single Figures" It will feature some more good, some not so good and some interesting plans going forward. Stick around for that but for now, thanks for taking the time to read this latest blog. I hope you did look at some of the links I posted and that you enjoyed them. Please subscribe to my channel, please give the videos a thumbs up (youtube loves a thumbs up). If you could also share the videos and really get the message out there your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks once again, I hope the sun isn't too hot where you are and that your golf is going well. See you next time

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