Thursday, 28 June 2018

So Much Going On

The boy's back again. It's full on at work and with my golf and it's been busy, busy, busy. I hope you're all well and your golfing season is going well. So much news, where to start?

The Three Off The Tee Youtube Channel (Click here to go to the Three Off The Tee Channel)
If any of you have your own youtube channel you'll know how time consuming filming and editing content can be. However I'm pleased to say I've finally got more videos to share. Please click on the links, share them around (PLEASE), give the video a thumbs up and please comment. Youtube loves a thumbs up and a comment and it makes a difference. It also really helps if you can subscribe

Golf Psych Preview Video
As I mentioned in my last blog, I am doing some work on improving my golf thinking (more of which to come shortly. For now though, check this video introducing James Lambdon, a golf psychologist (on twitter at @The_Golf_Psych or his website Here's an introductory video. Thinking Better - Golf Psychology With James Lambdon

Linear Method Demonstration - A Self Taught Mid-Handicapper
I have spoken many, many times about the linear method. This is a new method of playing short game shots devised by Gary Smith. It utilises the bounce more than the normal methods. It's a different concept especially in the set up. Check out my demonstration video here Linear Demonstration. IT IS NOT AN INSTRUCTION VIDEO. I have put links at the bottom of the video for Gary Smith's resources to see professional tuition.

That said I am really excited about this video. It one I really want to be shared as much as you can. I really believe in the linear method (put linear in the search box on the front page of my blog to see previous posts) and while its a bit funky, it's something that really works and is making a difference to my scores and may do the same for your own game.

The Quest For Single Figures
I know what you're asking, what's happened to the "Quest For Single Figures". Well the good news is, I'm starting to play some decent golf. I even managed a win in the May stableford (which qualifies me for the Royal Ascot "Masters" at the end of the season which is an invite only 36 hole medal event for competition winners only). I followed that up with a second place in my division in the June stableford.

So what has that meant for "The Quest". Well the good news is the handicap is finally on the move the right way. I had clicked over to a fifteen handicap (official handicap 14.5) but my 38 points in the May stableford was good enough for a 0.6 cut taking me to 13.9. I then had an increase so back to 14.0 and then my second play got me another 0.3 cut. Following me? Well that took my handicap back to 13.7 and having now had another 0.1 increase I currently sit on 14 and if I go under handicap in my next event I could get down to 13. It's taking time to get the handicap moving but I'm still plugging away.

Check out my statistics from my May win. As you can see, my scrambling numbers were excellent and a real testament to how well the linear method has made a difference (and how seamlessly I segue this blog).

May 2018 Statistics

I was really happy with the way I was playing in general terms but I've not been able to play at Royal Ascot Golf Club. Firstly there was the club foursomes which I was in, and following that the Royal Ascot race meeting was on. While the course is reduced in size (for helicopter and VIP parking) access can be really difficult especially as I work during the day so effectively it becomes a no go area.

This means I feel like I've hit a wall and have to start again to regain my timing and work on my swing. It's an annual problem. I am back on the course for the first time in a fortnight this coming weekend (June 30th) so we'll treat it as a practice and see exactly where my game is at.

Better Golf Thinking
As I've alluded to with my video link above, I have started my work on better thinking. This is an ongoing project and I'm really excited that online golf magazine Golfhacker ( or on twitter at has given me the opportunity to articulate my progress in a series of articles.

I have had an introductory meeting with James Lambdon at Cumberwell Golf Club near Bath. It was a fascinating meeting and we've touched on a number of issues that affect my thinking on the course, whether it's going well or not. I've now got a development plan to work through, and I'll be doing regular video updates on the Youtube channel (so you really should be subscribing) as I take it to the practice ground and the course.

James Lambdon - aka The Golf Psych who has agreed to work with my to improve my golf thinking.
It's an area I've been interested in for a long time. I've spoken about NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and how I want to develop a stronger mindset on the course. I'd like to thank James and Golfhacker for the unique opportunity and really think this is going to make a difference and will assist in the "Quest For Single Figures"

Linear Short Game
Way back, when I was setting my goals for the 2018 season, I wanted to really focus on the short game from 100 yards and in. I've been flip-flopping between a standard short game technique and the linear method, different as it is. I've made a definitive decision. I'm sticking to my guns and adopting the linear method. It's something that's going to take a lot of work to get it working and to become something I can use without focusing on technical thoughts on each shot (which ties back into my Better Golf Thinking - can you see how this is starting to hang together). As a result I have signed up to the Gary Smith Short Game Academy ( which is a fabulous online resource which goes through each area in great detail, has a task to complete to ensure you've understood each section, and has a wealth of videos to watch.

Moving Forward
Now the circus that is Royal Ascot racing has rolled out of town, I can get back to grinding my game out. The technique had been functioning well as my win and second place demonstrate but having not had a chance to work on it I am going to be rusty. I'm really looking forward to getting some range time, along with my ongoing linear short game work and kicking on strongly in the second half of the season.

I am playing in a charity golf day at Chigwell Golf Club in Essex on July 12th for the DreamFactory ( which helps children and young adults from 3-25 with life limiting or life threatening illnesses. We have a space on the team to play with myself, Golfhacker magazine and a youtube contributor and single figure golfer William Murfitt (William Murfitt Youtube). It's £75 for the day including dinner and contact me on here or via my twitter account (

As I said at the outset, there's so much going on. Work is frantic at the moment which is impacting practice time but now we're in the midst of some glorious weather I'm determined to get out on the course and play as much as I can. I'm excited by everything I've got coming up and will be reporting back on here as I go. I hope you can join me for another blog update soon.

In the meantime I implore you to subscribe to the Youtube Channel and especially share and comment on the Linear video, This has become a real pet subject and while it takes time initially, is a simple to use, simple to understand method and will help your game.

Enjoy the summer. Play well, shoot low and see you again soon

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