Sunday, 12 August 2018

The British Par 3 Championship

No, I'd never really heard of the British Par 3 Championship either (British Par 3 website). I think I'd seen glimpses of it on Sky Sports but it looked like another celebrity golf event. Having now experienced it for the first time, I realise that I have been missing out on what in essence is a rather well kept secret.

As you will know by now if you are a regular follower (and thanks as always for the continued support, and if you don't subscribe here and to my Three Off The Tee youtube channel, which is a click away here Three Off The Tee Channel please do so now and make a middle aged golf hacker very happy) that I am doing some collaborations with Golfhacker magazine, which is a fantastic online magazine that is going from strength to strength. It is aimed at people like you and I, the average golfer. Check out their website here to see what the latest issue has to offer - Golfhacker website

Thanks to Nick Kevern, the Golfhacker editor and the nice people at Champions (UK) plc. Check out what they are all about here - (The Champions (UK) plc website). I managed to get a media pass for the Friday, celebrity finals day. My brief was to simply try and get some simple two minute vignettes from a few of the celebrities, while not intruding on their time or golf too much. So not much to ask a media novice. How did I get on? Check out my efforts on this video - British Par 3 - The Interviews

For those that aren't sure, The British Par 3 Championship is set in a stunning location in the Midlands at Nailcote Hall, not far from the main Warwick University campus. Not only is this a fantastic hotel in its own right, but the course on which everyone plays is stunning. It's short as a par 3 course would indicate, but the holes are fiendishly difficult with tiny greens that were running so fast despite the odd rain show on them. Accuracy is everything.

The great thing about this event is there really is something for everybody. Aside from a tented village and activities to try, It attracts a host of professional golfers, including ex major winners like 2005 US Open Michael Campbell, Masters winner Ian Woosnam OBE and the events host each year Tony Jacklin CBE. It also has a number of LET members such as the fabulous Carly Booth and the up and coming Inchi Mehmet. On top of that are a host of TV and sporting stars that give up their time for free to come and play and raise huge amounts for charity, and the public are actively encourage here to come up and interact with them. To a person, each and every one was so generous to all requests for autographs and photos and it sends such a positive message. In my own mind, if golf wants to attract new people into the great game of golf, they should simply use this event as a template

I managed to get a photo with golf legend Tony Jacklin. A man that has done everything in the game but also a true gent and wonderful host to the British Par 3 Championship

As I alluded to, it's set in a small space, so you do have to keep your wits about you on certain holes but for the most part, there is plenty of room to wander around, enjoy the course in its full glory and see players tackle the challenge laid out before them. Some managed it better than others.

As someone once said (far better than I'm doing) pictures paint a thousand words. Let me show you this, a video I made of my own experience, outside of my media duties. I hope it does some justice to the fun that my wife, a golf widow and someone who had never been to a golf event of any description, and I had. Check it here The Flavour of the British Par 3 Championships

I had a fantastic day. It was a privilege to have a media pass (access all areas and with a glorious lunch thrown in), it's not necessary for people to come along and have a good time. I couldn't believe how many children, especially young children who were there, and were having a great time seeing some of their heroes in action. It's an easy location to get to from most parts of England, although I did speak to some from Wales and Scotland that had come down. The weather had been glorious until I turned up and brought heavy rain showers and the odd clap of thunder with me.

My only regret was not being able to actually have a go and test my golfing skills around the course. Nick Kevern and his partner in crime for the week William Murfitt (check his videos of the week on his own youtube channel here which will show far more of the activities during the week - (William Murfitt Youtube Channel) did get on one evening. It really found them out and re-emphasised just how hard it is for professional and amateur alike.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please take the time to click on the links provided as there really is some good stuff to enjoy. More importantly though, if you want to go to somewhere different to get you golf fix, mingle with a few famous names and have a great day out, make sure you book up for the 2019 event. I'll be there for sure.

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