Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Some New Stuff

I have a confession. I am addicted to Footjoy golf shoes and in particular their Myjoy site where you can design your own styles and colours

I already had fifteen pairs in different models and colours but had recently ordered another pair with the winnings acquired over the year from my monthly medal win and several top three finishes. I had amassed a pleasing £103 in vouchers in the professional shop which meant a brand new pair of top of the range Icons was only costing me £57 in cold hard cash.

My shiny new shoes - just waiting to step onto the course
These Icons in grey and charcoal will go with any number of my trousers and golf shirts so I should look dapper even if my golf isn't always as sharp. So why my "Footjoy fetish?" They were the first brand of shoes I bought for myself as an aspiring teenager and they were comfy, lasted an age and even though I was playing 36 or 54 holes in a day during the school holidays my feet felt fresh and pain free. A love affair was born.

What I love about the Icon and indeed the Dryjoy model (my two preferred versions) is that they feel so comfortable straight from the box and take minimal breaking in. I usually give them a session on the practice ground or the range before heading onto the course but never have an issue once I'm out there. I have been told by my long suffering wife that enough is enough but I can't keep away from the myjoy site and it can become addictive playing with the different styles and colours to create something flamboyant and extravagant or something a bit more quiet and understated.

It isn't just new shoes I've been enjoying. I've just had my clubs regripped by the club pro at Royal Ascot, Alistair White. I've always been a big fan of the Golf Pride Tour Velvet but as he didn't have any in stock and my clubs in dire need of doing, I was persuaded to try some grips by Lamkin and I opted for the rubber crossline version, mainly by the endorsement of the pro having them on his own clubs.

The Lamkin grip - a break away from my usual Tour Velvets
I have to be honest and say these are a joy. My clubs feel like new and these grips offer a wonderful firm but tacky feeling. I'm not totally convinced they will be as durable as the Tour Velvet and I've yet to see how they perform in the wet but so far they are very good and I do like them.

I know you can't buy a golf game but my dear old dad use to tell me, whatever sport I was doing at the time, that if you look good you'll feel good and that will help you play well. I can't really justify the number of shoes but hey some of them provide a talking point if nothing else. The grips were a necessity and although a break away from the norm they are performing well. Whether I'll stick with them or look at the myriad of other grips out there in due course remains to be seen. For now though I'm enjoying my purchases. Happy days.

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