Saturday, 22 September 2012

It's Been A While - It'll Be A While Longer

Regular followers on here may be wondering about the lack of information or updates. Well the good news is I'm still here and Homer's Odyssey towards single figures is still very much a project in motion. Along with the absence of blogs, the members of Royal Ascot will have realised my omnipresence from the club, especially the practice facilities has gone. The clue is in the golfing diary entry on here "all golf on hold due to family illness."

The truth is my mother has been suffering from that insidious disease cancer. Despite a brave fight that has lasted well beyond her initial eighteen month prognosis, her health since March has started to go downhill. Sadly we are now at the stage where she entered a hospice close to her house and having seen her today, she is well and truly entering the very last stages and time is very short.

St Raphaels Hospice in Sutton (London) - a wonderful place that have been superb in their care for my mother

I had been pulling out of competitions and rounds, sometimes at very late notice to travel to her, sometimes via A&E at her local hospital, sometimes to a ward. She was discharged several times into intermediate care at a place called Dawes House, very close to Clapham Junction station for those that know that part of London. Form there she was always allowed home and the council had put in a very good care package to help her at home and she has had wonderful support from friends and other members of the family. The NHS and council care get a lot of negative press but I've found everyone I've dealt with on this difficult journey nothing but polite and professional.

However it hasn't been fair to the golf club, those drawn to play with me, my regular partners on a Saturday morning or my teaching pro to muck them about. I've not been in the mood to play anyway. I've managed a few sessions on the Royal Ascot practice field or at the local range to work on the stuff from my last lesson early in September. The stuff I've been producing has actually been very good which has only added to the agony as I've wanted to test my better ball striking on the course.

I don't want this to be a woe is me entry but just something to explain my absence. Sadly the loss of family is an inevitable part of life and any of you that have experienced it will understand, especially now the sun is setting on my mother's life, why I want to spend as much of whatever time is left with her.

I am still around, and will be. The Ryder Cup has got my attention and although I think Europe has a super team, I have an inkling that the US will edge them out with home advantage. There is some good looking gear coming out (the new Ping Anser's, the new Mizuno irons etc) and I have still to try the RBZ out fully and satisfy my curiosity. I am down to play a Help 4 Heroes charity day on October 15th (depending on the ongoing situation and outcome) and generally my golfing mojo is still there. However I can't commit mind, time, body or soul at the moment and so a golfing hiatus seems the logical outcome. I will be back!

In the interim, if I do venture forth onto the course especially in a competitive vein I'll be sure to let you know if the handicap starts travelling in the right direction after a few increases in my last few events. I'll continue to bash some balls as and when to keep the swing ticking over and as a cathartic way of clearing my head for a short way. I'm sure you'll understand if the absence does continue for a while but I hope you'll remain loyal and continue to read, comment on, and (hopefully) enjoy what I serve up. I've given the site a bit of a makeover in terms of colour, links etc and have some big plans for 2013 on here and in my golfing journey. I might be a while - the wait will be worth it!

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  1. Hi Martin, sorry to hear about your Mother, and her fight with cancer. I lost my father to this terrible disease a few years ago. It sounds like you have found a great place for your Mum to be cared for, which is not always easy. I hope you enjoy the Ryder Cup if and when you get a chance to watch. All the best Alex