Tuesday, 16 May 2017

On Course Video Log - Royal Ascot Golf Club

Welcome back. I have uploaded a new course vlog for you to enjoy filmed last Friday (12th May) at my home club, Royal Ascot Golf Club. This was filmed two days after a lesson with Rhys ap Iolo at Downshire Golf Centre. I use to have lessons with him a few years back and he got my handicap down from 14 to 11 and I hope he can repeat the trick again.

We are already making significant changes including getting rid of a cupped wrist after thirty plus years of playing for something with much firmer and ideally a little bowed. However this is a hard habit to crack and as you'll see after the lesson, just one basket at the range and then out onto the course, it hasn't fed into my swing yet and is a work in progress, I was in the monthly medal on the Saturday and wanted to make sure I had taken the swing (such as it was) onto a course first.

I hope you enjoy it here in all it's glory (Royal Ascot Golf Club vlog) and keep an eye out for a furry visitor to proceedings. If you like what you see, click on the subscribe button, please thumbs up the video and if you have any comments please leave them on here or on the youtube channel and watch out for a more great content to come on the Three Off The Tee youtube channel (Three Of The Tee Youtube Channel) that runs in conjunction with this blog.

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