Sunday, 28 October 2012


Another day, another range session trying to bed down the takeaway changes. I am feeling as if it is starting to come especially when I take it back halfway, pause, go to the top, pause and then fire. I am getting into a good position with far less movement compared to my old haphazard swing. The old swing kept going and going until the head had no option but to rise to accommodate the huge shoulder turn. It is far more tight and compact now.

I've made a lot of this being the start of a big swing change this Winter. My teaching pro, Rhys ap Iolo has said in his mind it isn't the case. What we are doing now with the takeaway is a big piece of work but once we get it sorted it'll be more a case of stripping away layers and refining. There has been an element of concern from Rhys that I'm not happy with what's going on. I think maybe I've been giving too many negative vibes. I am finding the process of change a lot harder than I expected. Maybe I'm trying to run before I can walk or it's the fact that I am use to being able to hit it with a degree of certainty as to the outcome.

Having managed to successfully ingrain a poor takeaway over the course of time it is proving tough to break the cycle. Having seen a piece of footage of a full swing, there is still a huge gulf between what I'm feeling and what is happening. At normal speed the club is still getting across the line at the top. Not as much as it once did but I am feeling as though it is much more behind me and offset as it is when I take it back stage by stage. Clearly the wrists are hinging in the proper swing and I'm keeping them more neutral in the rehearsed version. Frustrating and annoying.

I am perhaps getting too hard on myself. Rhys has said that this is a big initial nudge. I trust the work we are doing and it is something that has been reinforced via the world of Twitter with a number of tour professionals from both the European tour and the Ladies European Tour. The comments have been hugely positive and basically reiterate what Rhys is telling me that it will be hard to break down the negative moves that cause the inconsistency and that it will take time and effort to see something bigger and better.

In the interim, I need to consolidate and stay patient and focused. Keep working on the takeaway drills and wait for the next lesson next Friday. Rhys can review my work to date, adjust and continue to strip away the layers. Less negativity and focus on the positives. I have to be a glass half full type of guy and realise we are only three practice sessions and less than two weeks into the project. Patience Homer. Patience.

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