Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Absolutely Buzzing

I hit the range after work last night. It was one of those "force yourself" sessions where I really didn't fancy it, especially as it was raining. It was case of having to be tough mentally and drag myself there and get the mind right to make it worthwhile. The new back swing won't bed itself in. When I got to the range at Blue Mountain Golf Centre I was a little surprised to see that bar one other guy I had the place to myself.

I settled in and went through some gentle stretching. Sitting at my desk in work and then the commute home isn't really conducive to swinging a golf club. A few gentle wedges and then into it. I started off back into the drills. Halfway back, stop, up to the top, stop and then commit into the shot. I hadn't been hitting it great with this stop start swing but it was essential to get into the right slots. Shots were usually hooks left. This session though was different.

I was making a good connection. Shots were flying truer. I was so focused on trying to get everything right I wasn't looking at anything else and it all fell into place. I've wrote in my last blog that I was under strict instruction from my teaching pro Rhys ap Iolo not to hit full shots. I tried. I really did. In the end though I couldn't resist. I had to hit some at full pace.

The strike was something new to me. Pure and effortless. I didn't capture it on video sadly and I have a feeling the wrists were still cupping and pulling the club across the line. However the sight of six iron after six iron flying high and true warmed my heart. I kept at it and could feel it getting closer to a nice offset position.

The vibe on here may have been a touch bleak lately. The enormity of what I'm undertaking has hit me. Rhys has given the process a big nudge with this first move and hopefully the rest of the process will be a case of nurturing it along. We have to get the club into a good place on the way back for it to work properly the way. What transpired last night not only warmed the cockles of my heart, it has got me buzzing. I am really fired. I can't wait to get back out there on Wednesday and try again.

The blog has sometimes been bleak reading. There have been more downs than ups and it may seem to the casual observer that the swing is in a constant state of flux and re-build. Actually since last December when I embarked on the Plane Truth system, and changed to a one plane swing I've played some good golf. More consistent than before and I've enjoyed it. Even the bad rounds. This change is the last piece of a jigsaw to give me something solid on which to reach Homer's Odyssey and single figures. That isn't enough now. Rhys reckons 6-7 is achievable and if he thinks it can be done who am I to argue.

It has been a difficult period with my mothers illness and eventual death and it has taken a long time to get back into my golf. I haven't really felt totally engaged and not really bust a gut to play or practice regularly. The last lesson re-lit the fire but last night added the fuel and the golfing flame is well and truly alight. I am buzzing and if you are only as good as your last shot, then the last six iron I struck means I am actually rather good. Bring on the next session

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  1. I therefore confidently predict an absolute mare in your next session....