Thursday, 14 June 2012

Getting Ready To Kick On

Now we're in the middle of June and the season is really under way, the big events are starting to loom large on the horizon. No sign of the summer yet but in the main the course is coping admirably with the deluges of rain we've had. I've played in three club matches in 2012 and proudly remain unbeaten with two wins and a half. However all of these have been at home. I'm playing in a return match against Tylney Park, near Hook in Hampshire on Saturday. It's also my birthday and so I'm looking for the home side to be in generous mood.

On Monday I'm off to Camberley Heath for a Golf Monthly Forum day. These are brilliant days and a chance for members of the forum to get together, play some decent courses, usually at a very good price, and generally have a fun day out. This is quite a big event as we're playing for the Spring Meeting shield. It's a nine hole morning round followed by lunch and eighteen holes in the afternoon for the shield and consolatory prizes. Check out the link on the right hand side, log on and get involved. Always a game going somewhere.

In preparation for these I hit the practise field last night to hit some balls as I hadn't played since Saturday afternoon. That hadn't been a great round and so it was important to get back to basics and find a swing that works. As it turned out, the session was really productive and I was hitting the ball really well, especially with the mid irons and frustratingly with the driver. It was the big dog that hadn't really fired on Saturday so a bit like shutting the proverbial stable door but at least it is in there. It has certainly set my mind at ease, and I'll continue to work on it before these two events. However it's the short game and my bunker play that need the most work and I'd like to try and get out and focus on this but the forecast is iffy at best. Wettest drought I can ever remember!

All in all I'm in a very positive place with the state of my game and feel, well hope at least, that I can take this form to different courses. I've certainly some positive vibes to feed off with good showings in the Golf Monthly Centenary qualifier at St Pierre, the grand final at the Forest of Arden as well as third place on the Marquess course at the Golf Monthly Forum meeting in March this year. That performance at Woburn was pleasing as I had a severe dose of flu, proper and not the man variety.

I'm still making good progress with Rhys ap Iolo at the Downshire on the change to a one plane swing and have had encouraging shows in recent club competitions at Royal Ascot. The club championship is coming up and the goal is to survive the halfway cut after the Saturday round and be there for the second round on Sunday. That would be a welcome change in fortunes as I've really struggled in this event in the last few years.

Homer is a happy camper at the moment even if the weather feels more like October than flaming June. The goal of reaching a 10 handicap remains on track, I'm tantalisingly close to going down to 11, sitting on the cusp at 11.5. One more good round sees me just a shot away and with the short game showing definite signs of coming back in recent weeks and the change of putter signalling a resurgence in confidence on the greens I can almost touch it. Hopefully the trips to different courses will show me exactly how good my game is as both are bound to ask different questions to the ones posed by Royal Ascot. Will I be smiling by Monday night?

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