Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Birdies And Near Misses - The Jolly Boys "Play Golf" (Part Two)

Welcome along to the second part of the Jolly Boys "Play Golf" (Jolly Boys Part Two) which is basically myself, my best mate Rob Dickman and a golfing mate Yan meandering our way around Kingswood Golf Club near Banstead in Surrey.

This was my first full eighteen holes back after being hospitalised in early February and then struggling to shake off the after effects of the viral infection. I wasn't expecting to play well, and if you've seen part one already, and if not here it is (The Jolly Boys - Part One) you'll know I wasn't to be disappointed on that score.

The Jolly Boys Enjoy Some Post Golf Drinks - They' Had Golfed Hard For Them
Here is part two of The Jolly Boys "Play Golf" (The Jolly Boys - Part Two) and finally there are one or two glimpses of golfers out on the course. I was actually getting it around and making the odd par and plenty of net pars to keep the scoreboard taking over. As the title hints, there is also an outbreak of fine golf and someone comes very close to sticking an approach straight in. You'll have to watch to find out more.

I hope you enjoy this second helping of the Jolly Boys. Please visit my Three Off The Tee youtube channel that ones parallel to this blog here Three Off The Tee Youtube Channel and watch my other content. There is a putter review coming up on the Ping Sigma Wolverine, as well as the conclusion of the Jolly Boys outing to come in the next few days. There is also the latest "Quest For Single Figures" update coming on here and the channel.

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