Wednesday, 31 December 2014

In With The New

Welcome to my new, revamped site, fresh and updated for 2015. As you can see, it's a lot easier on the eye, although there are a choice of different viewing options if you wish to choose something different. The sharp eyed will notice a black bar to the right of the screen. Click on this to find out more about me, my recent results and to links to other websites you may find interesting. I've also attached it to Google+ and so if you're on there add the blog (and me).

I hope you like the changes. The underlying premise remains the same and I am still in pursuit of a single figure golfing handicap. I enter the year with an official handicap of 11.7 and so the dream remains within tantalising sight. If I'm honest 2014 was a disappointment. I worked hard last winter and came into the year full of optimism. I did some wonderful mental work with John O'Keeffe and New Golf Thinking at the Grove (courtesy of Golf Monthly magazine) and that has helped. However areas like driving and chipping still caused issues. I've done posts on here reflecting on the year in more detail ( so you can read for yourself what happened.

I've a few new things coming for the new year. I'll be sharing far more statistics per round with you to let you see how I performed and I'll be recording some statistics on some elements of practice so it'll be apparent to see if the hard work is dripping into my scores. I've been doing some work with Andrew Piper at Lavender Golf Centre and he's very keen that practice is formulated rather than an exercise in hitting balls and recoding as much information about rounds played to highlight trends and weaknesses.

I'll be doing a few more course reviews as I intend to play a lot of different courses in 2015. There will be some equipment reviews, not always the run of the mill club and ball ones. I'll also be writing a lot more about what being a member of a golf club means to the average man in the street, and some issues we encounter. I already did one a few years back on car park golfers ( which caused some consternation and so did a follow up based on the comments received ( I've did one on sustainable golf ( and so 2015 will see more of the same and how I see life as a club member and average Joe handicapper.

There will of course be more tuition and I'll let you know what I'm working on, why and how it's working out. If I can put some footage of the swing in here I will do. As a starting point, here's some footage from my last lesson with Rhys ap Iolo at the Downshire Golf Centre on 30th November 2014

It's a far more robust and functional action. There is still a lot of lateral movement but some of that I think is here to stay sadly. The action has far less moving parts that from the one below which was from the November the previous year

That's all for the future and these videos are a mere taster of what's to come. There's a cornucopia of stuff heading onto these pages and I hope you take the time to come back and see what's happening. If you like what you see (even if you don't) please leave a comment. If you feel the urge to share the blog with your own friends and golfing partners it would be lovely to get as many views as possible. Finally I hope you like the changes I've made and would love to hear what you think

Until then though, I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful 2015 and hope you have a safe, healthy and prosperous year. If you have any golfing resolutions or hopes, I hope they come to fruition. Play well, have fun and see you all soon.

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