Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Top Secret

Mike Stannard my regular golfing partner and fellow Royal Ascot has won a competition organised by Golf Monthly and has generously agreed to take me with him as his guest. At the moment I'm not allowed to say too much other than it involves a flight abroad and overnight stay at a very luxurious location. We get to play a top rated course and involves prizes from a very well known manufacturer. However the highlight is a golfing clinic by one of the top names in European golf, although what he will make of my swing is anyones guess.

Obviously once I get the green light to reveal all I will and rest assured the blog will cover it including pictures. Suffice to say I'm extremely grateful to Mike, as well as Mike Harris the editor of Golf Monthly and my boss for allowing me to book the leave. I'm sitting here grinning like a maniac and even my wife is excited for me. I can't wait.

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