Thursday, 27 May 2010

Work - Who Needs It?

The plan was simple. Take advantage of the better weather and get nine holes in every night. Sadly work has got in the way and I'm knackered sitting in front of the keyboard and definitely too tired to even think about playing and even for a self-confessed practice freak there is no inclination to work on my game.

I did go out on Monday on my own for a few holes. I have to say it was a real mixed bag with some good shots and a few iffy ones. The course was deserted so I took the opportunity to sometimes play two balls and to also try out a different driver (my old R7 Limited), my old Odyssey 554 dualforce putter and a different wedge combination (PW, 52, 56 and 60). Admittedly I carried 15 clubs but who the hell was going to notice (note to self - count your clubs before the Stone Cup on Saturday).

The real problem I have with playing on my own and especially on a really sunny day is trying to see the damn thing especially if you are playing into the sun. I had that problem on the 15th. I had hit my drive left of the fairway bunker and decided to hit a simple 8 iron to move it forward as the sun was low and right in front of me. I hit it and it was a great contact but could I find it? I've no idea if I hooked or sliced it but it wasn't on the fairway. A nice freebie for someone.

I went up to the club late last night and spent some time working on bunker shots. I'd had a lesson last Sunday and was a sand guru while the pro was watching. When I went up in the afternoon it was as if I was hitting with a shovel. No consistency. Some were picked too clean and flew for miles (not ideal when you are only a few feet from the pin) and some were still in sand after my first attempt. I didn't start too well last night until I had my eureka moment and realised that I wasn't creating sufficient wrist angle to hit down and pop the ball out. Once solved I was pretty happy although distance control is still a problem. I think I can cure that by using the 60 degree wedge if I need to get it up and out quickly. I was even cocky enough to get shots out with my 52 degree wedge and even a 9 iron.

I had intended to go up and play or practice tonight but a day of head stress at work has left me bereft of energy, enthusiasm and commitment. I know I've let my followers down, the casual reader down and most importantly I've let myself down but hey I'm only human. Rest, refresh and gear up for the Stone Cup (two rounds over any of the three days of the long weekend). I'm aiming to go out with the big greedy on Saturday which has some decent golfers playing but is also a savage school in terms of the banter flying around. After that I'll decide which day looks better and roll up and see who I can get a game with.

All this typing has drained the last of my energy so I'm off to flop in front of the European golf highlights and watch the live action from the US.

Total number of lost balls in 2010 = 26

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